3 Important Reasons Every Home Needs An Annual Drain Cleaning

Have you been a homeowner for a while? When is the last time that you had your drains cleaned out? Your home's septic and drain system can be an extremely delicate thing. In order for it to continue to function properly, it should have regular maintenance performed on it. One of the most important maintenance steps that you can have done is to have your drains cleaned out on an annual or semi-annual basis. Although it may initially seem silly to spend money on your drains when there is no problem, there are many advantages to taking this approach. Some of the best reasons to have your drains cleaned out now include:

Clog prevention: If you've never had to deal with a serious sewer line clog, you probably think of clogs as minor inconveniences; simply pour a little drain opening chemical down your sink and you'll be good to go. While this may work for minor sink clogs, it won't work so well when dealing with a major clog in your sewer line. Not only are drain opening chemicals unlikely to be able to reach the problem spot, but a clog in the main sewer line can cause all of your drains either to overflow or to stop working until you call a drain cleaning service to take care of the problem.

Save money: While the actual cost can vary depending on the drain cleaning service that you use, having an unclogged drain cleaned out is going to be less labor-intensive than a clogged drain and so will often cost much less. In addition, a clogged sewer line can sometimes masquerade as a minor single-drain clog for a short time. So you could wind up pouring several bottles of chemicals down the drain, thinking that the first bottle or two was ineffective, and still need to call for professional assistance, resulting in needing to spend even more money in the process.

Discover issues: Unlike your roof or other external features of your home, it's not always easy to tell beforehand that there might be an issue with your plumbing. Over time, septic lines can deteriorate, settle, or become clogged with plant roots. Unnoticed, these issues can morph into serious plumbing problems. But during your annual or semi-annual cleaning, the drain cleaning service that you hire can use a fiber optic camera to inspect the sewer line. They'll be able to check for possible issues so that you can have them fixed before they become a major concern.

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