Tankless Water Heating: Should You Make The Upgrade?

While a broken hot water heater may be viewed as an expensive repair, it also gives you the opportunity to upgrade your home's hot water tank to a brand new model. There have been many advancements over the years when it comes to hot water heaters, especially with the method used to heat the water. You no longer need to have a huge hot water tank taking up room in your home when a tankless model is a viable option. Are the benefits working making this upgrade? Consider these reasons to make the switch:

The Size of Your Household

A problem you may have frequently had with your old water heater was running out of water. The tank stores hot water that is ready to use, but once people start showering, the hot water tank is unable to keep up with demand. It eventually gets to a point where the water in the tank is cold and has not been heated.

Larger households may run into the problem of running out of hot water if everyone tends to shower at the same time. A tankless heater will heat the water on demand so that each person has the same quality of hot water as the person that showered before them.

The Number of Bathrooms in Your Home

Tankless heaters may be capable of producing an unlimited amount of hot water, but the units can only produce so much at once. The total output depends on how powerful the water heater is, with there being cheaper models that produce less hot water. This will only be a concern if you have multiple showers in your home.

For instance, if you have 3 showers in your home that are often used simultaneously each morning, a low-end tankless heater will struggle to supply enough water for everyone. If you have one shower then you will most likely not run into an issue with a lack of hot water. Just make sure to not run the washing machine and dishwasher while you are showering.

The Energy Savings

Many people make the upgrade because they are motivated by the energy savings the tank can provide. Wanting the energy savings could be motivated by going green and looking to cut back on energy waste, or wanting the benefit of lower energy bills over the years.

Reach out to a plumber for more information on tankless water heating. Contact a company like Brown's Plumbing, Pumps & Spas for more information and assistance.