Four Tips For Keeping Hair Out Of Your Drains

The problem with hair getting caught up in your drains is that once it starts getting tangled, it will build up and then cause a clog in the drain. However, hair getting in the drains is inevitable, especially in the shower. But there are ways to help limit how much hair gets in your drain. Here are four tips to help you keep hair out of the drains:

Get a Drain Filter: The first thing you want to do is get a drain filter that can trap the hair at the surface of the drain so that it's not getting into the pipes. From here, you can remove the hair and toss it yourself. The most common type of drain filter is the dome style that looks similar to a colander. You simply fit this over the drain and you can even pop them off to clean them every once in a while to continue ensuring that only clear water is going into the pipes. 

Pull Out Hair: While your drain filter is designed to keep hair out, it's still not going to be perfect, and there will be hairs that manage to get inside. Luckily, they tend to stick to the surface, so every once in a while, you are going to want to pull out that hair either with a pair or tweezers or a dent wire to ensure that it doesn't eventually go further down the drain and cause a clog. 

Brush Your Hair Before You Shower: To prevent many loose hairs from making their way to the drain in the shower, you might consider brushing your hair first. Not only will this get rid of loose hairs that can make their way to the drain, but it can also help you wash your hair better since it won't be so tangled. Besides, it's much easier to clean up dry hair on the dry ground rather than matted, wet hair around the drain. 

Don't Style Your Hair Over the Sink: When you are styling your hair, always do it away from the bathroom sink. This is a common reason bathroom sinks become clogged. Instead, you can use a mirror that is located in another location instead of the mirror that is directly above the sink. 

When you consider these four tips, you are going to have a much easier time keeping hair out of your drains, which will make it easier to keep the pipes in good condition for a longer period of time. If your drain does still get clogged, contact a professional drain cleaning service to get your drains thoroughly cleaned.