4 Tips For Maintaining Your Well Pump

If your home receives water from a well, it is essential to maintain the well properly in order to keep water flowing into your house. One of the biggest keys to caring for your well is properly maintaining the well pump. The well pump plays a vital role in propelling water from the well, through the pipes, and to your faucets. Use the following tips to help care for your well pump:

Don't Forget to Clean the Cooling Fans

When you have a well, having the well pump overheat can be a major concern. When your well pump overheats, it can cause damage to the different components inside the pump, and in the long run, frequent overheating can cause your well pump to fail completely and need to be replaced. Keeping the cooling fans clean is a very simple way to help prevent your well pump from overheating. Take the time to check the cooling fans and regularly remove debris like cobwebs and leaves.

Invest in Anti-Corrosion Products

Well pumps are typically made of metal, and since they are constantly exposed to water from your well, you need to be diligent about preventing corrosion. One of the easiest ways to prevent the metal components of your well pump from developing corrosion is to invest in anti-corrosion products that you can use to coat the well pump. Make sure that you use anti-corrosion products that are advertised as being safe to use with residential well pumps.

Watch Out for Drips

A well pump is a closed unit, and the water that it pumps should never leak out. If you notice that there is water dripping from the well pump or if you see water puddling around the top of the well pump, bolts may need to be tightened or specific components of the pump may need to be replaced. In the event that your well pump is dripping water, it is in your best interest to have a professional diagnose the problem and make repairs.

Get Your Pump Serviced

Quality well pumps can last for many years when it is properly cared for. When you own a well, it is important to have your well pump serviced every few years. During the service, a certified technician will inspect your well pump and check all of the important components to make sure that everything is in good working order. If there are any minor issues with your well pump, they will be pointed out during the service so you can arrange to have repairs made before your pump fails to operate properly.